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Ideas to decorate your interiors beyond your furniture 1. Plants:   You can use plants to not only make your house have a natural look and feel but to also purify the air with more oxygen.   Plants like bamboo palm, rubber plant, aloe plant, snake plant can make the corners of your rooms and balcony look livelier. Your interiors can look gorgeous with these plants that also reduce the carbon content from the air.   There are many indoor apartment plants that can grow in dim, dry, or small rooms. 2. Light lamps:   A good lighting not only illuminates the space but it also beautifies it.   You can use decorative light lamps, bulbs, and floor and wall lamps to enhance your interiors .   The usage of general lighting also referred to as ambient lighting in your home affects the overall atmosphere and ambience of the home.   Not only that, some ambient lighting also helps in relaxing you and uplifts your mood.   You can use chandeliers, pendant lighting, recessed lightin

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Main features of Creativebuild designs 1. Space:   We have a way of using space in a unique way.   We make your home look spacious.   Be it extending spaces by removing the wall to include the dining in the kitchen making it into the open kitchen or making efficient use of your floor and vertical space, we do not believe in wasting your square footage that you have and make the most of it. 2. Lighting:   We at Creativebuild take care of lighting while designing your interiors be it your kitchen, your bedroom, living space, or study.  We believe that the lighting can completely uplift the environment.  Lighting in the kitchen can improve the cooking experience to a great extent.   3.   Storage: Be it your kitchen or bedroom you need space for storage.   Your ease of functioning in the home depends a lot on how you store your stuff.   This requires an awareness about your needs.   At Creativbuild we ensure that your storage is designed in a way that have more room f

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How to design your signature home ? When it comes to designing your home one can be flooded with many ideas and it may be overwhelming to decide from the choice that is available.   In such a scenario how to zero down upon a right design that reflects your personal style and suits your needs and preferences and also fits into your budget.   Here is a list of factors that you must keep in mind while designing your home interiors. 1. Make a list of your preferences :   List down what is more essential to you while designing a home.   For everyone the priority is different.   Some like to keep it simple, some want it flamboyant, some prefer to have a home that is comfortable, while some are more artistic and want their home to reflect that.   If you are clear about what your preference is, it is easy for you to communicate your ideas to the designer and get it done. 2. Decide about the scope of design :   You must be clear about if you want your full home to be done by a designer